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The vast majority of our antique pine wardrobes are of a 'knock-down' type, i.e. they can be fully dismantled to allow access to any room of the house, those that CANNOT be dismantled will be clearly identified.

Please click here for details of how they are re-assembled.

Most of our old victorian period wardrobes are sold stripped and ready for waxing or painting. We do stock pieces ready waxed too as you can see below.

We can wax or paint the piece for you for an additional charge - please enquire, the added cost is nearly always cheaper than doing it yourself, we leave the option as a lot of customers get great enjoyment from finishing their wardrobe etc themselves.

All of our antique pine wardrobes are supplied with a hanging rail fitted and most will have a shelf fitted above the rail.       

The inside of your antique pine wardrobe can be configured to suit your needs, i.e. shelf with rail below, double rail, all shelved etc.

Knockdown Wardrobes

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